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Multilayer and monolayer textile expansion joints Circular, rectangular and conical execution, from circular to rectangular or in other shapes. Temperature from -65 degree C until 1400 degree C MANUFACTURED WITH ONLY ECOLOGICAL VIRGIN AND NO-REPROCESSED MATERIALS ONLY, ASBESTOS AND SILICONE FREE


Non-metallic Expansion Joint :

In addition to fabric expansion joint also specialised in other non-metallic expansion joint. Non metallic expansion joints made in elastomer material (EPDM – Butyl – Silicone and others) Fluoroelastomer (Viton BTM) and Fluoropolymer (TeflonTM - LFPTM) Circular, rectangular geometry and/or other shapes. MANUFACTURED WITH ECOLOGICAL VIRGIN AND NO-REPROCESSED MATERIAL ONLY, ASBESTOS AND SILICONE FREE