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COMPOSITE HOSE see catalog

Tozen is the authorised distributors of Dantec Ltd.  Dantec Ltd. are recognised as world leaders in composite hose technology and innovation.  Dantec manufactures hose from the highest specification materials to the most stringent procedures, to produce the highest quality comprehensive range of composite hose.



Composite hose, like other hose, provides the vital flexible connection to compensate for vibration, movement or misalignment in a fluid transfer system.


Composite hose has a spiral internal metal supporting wire which can be galvanised mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium or polypropylene coated mild steel with a spiral external wire which is generally galvanised mild steel or stainless steel.  In between the wire ther are layers of thermoplastic fabrics and film.

All the hoses are available as complete assemblies with a wide variety of end fittings such as flanges, camlock, threaded, API and dry break couplings.  Common end fitting materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, gunmetal, aluminium and polypropylene, although other materials are also available.  We provide full hose testing, maintenance and repair schemes designed to customers individual needs.  Consult us for advice on use at high temperatures.



Danchem PG, Danchem PS, Danchem SG, Danchem SS


Chemical suction discharge hose :   BS5842: 1980

General purpose chemical hose suitable for suction discharge and vacuum applications for a wide variety of acids, alkalis, solvents and petroleum products from -20oC to +80oC.  Commonly used for road and rail tankers and in plant, this group of hoses is the standard for many leading chemical manufacturers and hauliers.  Safety Factor 4:1.

Danchem PG, Danchem PS, Danchem GG, Danchem SG, Danchem SS

Heavy duty chemical suction discharge hose :  BS5842: 1980 & the requirements of the United States Coastguard & IMO Code For marine and the most arduous plant duties, these substantially constructed hoses have greater mechanical strength than Danchem general purpose chemical hoses.  Minimum of 4:1 safety factor on working pressure.  Temperature range -20oC to +80oC.


Danoil VR is a composite hose purpose built for vapour return of hydrocarbon products in marine, road and rail tanker operations.  With Dantec SURE-LEC guaranteed electrical continuity.

Danchem VR is of similar construction to Danoil VR is suitable for more aggressive chemical application.

Dantec Vapour Recovery hoses are robust, but light-weight, extremely flexible with the same specially formulated high strength cover as used on all Dantec composite hoses.


Oil suction discharge hose : BS3492: 1987 BX

Danoil 3

This hose is commonly used for road tanker and in plant transfer of petrol, fuel oils and lubricating oils in the temperature range -20oC to +80oC.  It is a well proven hose which is used by tanker fleets worldwide.

Danoil 3 AL

This hose is of similar construction to Danoil 3, but having an aluminium inner wire is significantly lighter making it particularly suitable for large bore sizes as are commonly used for petrol forecourt deliveries.  Operating temperature -20oC to +80oC.

Danoil 7

This hose is designed for suction/discharge of all oil and petroleum products at temperatures from -20degree.gif (825 bytes)C to +80degree.gif (825 bytes)C.  This is the most robust member of the Danoil family making it particularly suitable for the most demanding applications.

Danoil 9

This hose has similar properties to Danoil 7, but has a polyamide lining, especially suitable for MTBE and unleaded petrol.


Heavy Duty PTFE Lined Hose : BS5842: 1980 & the requirements of the United States Coastguard & IMO Code

Danflon SG, Danflon SS, Danflon GG, Danflon SGA, Danflon SSA, Danflon GGA

This family of PTFE lined hoses is designed for suction and discharge of the most aggressive chemicals and searching solvents and is generally used where the chemical resistance of polypropylene is inadequate.  Operating temperature -20oC to +80ooC.

For elevated temperatures Danflon SSA, SGA and GGA combine the excellent chemical properties of PTFE with considerable resistance to heat.  Common applications are for molten sulphur and bitumen.   However, they can also be used for many applications where heat renders standard Danflon or Danchem hoses unsuitable.  Upper limit depends on conveyant and pressure.   Please consult us.


Heavy Duty Cryogenic Hose :   BS4089: 1989 & IMO Gas Carrier Code

Danchem PA


This hose is constructed from multiple layers of low temperature thermoplastic fabrics and films supported internally and externally with high tensile 316 stainless steel armouring wires.  Galvanised mild steel may be substituted for certain applications. All hoses are swaged using Dantec's SURE-LEC system which guarantees electrical continuity throughout the life of the hose.  Hoses assemblies are factory fitted, tested to a minimum of 1.5 times their maximum working pressure before despatch and issued with test certificates (All hoses have a minimum safety factor of 5:1 on working pressure).   Danchem PA heavy duty for marine applications has been independently tested by Lloyds as conforming to BS 4089:1989 and to IMO Gas Carrier Code requirements. Please note it is important to advise Dantec of the product being conveyed when ordering Danchem PA cryogenic hoses.  Temperature range -200oC to +80oC.


Fire... its discovery ensured our survival yet we constantly strive to control its power.  If you handle flammable or hazardous cargo you are no doubt already operating stringent safety procedures and practices.  In most cases this is enough to identify a minor incident and prevent it from becoming a major one.  Unfortunately any process or piece of equipment is only as strong as its weakest link.  Flexible hose form an integral part of the petrochemical industry, yet in all but the most critical of applications the fire retardant ability of a flexible hose is never questioned.  Standard composite hose has great advantages by way of flexibility, weight, chemical resistance and price over other forms of flexible hose, but just like other hose it has the problem of safety in a fire situation.

FIRESAFE composite hose utilises a series of non-asbestos barriers to conductive and radiative heat to achieve outstanding fire retardant ability.  With FIRESAFE hose, after thirty minutes of severe fire attack, the hose carcass is still intact and capable of holding product.  From a fire-fighting and personnel point of view, this is a critical factor.  A severe situation is where hot, vapourising fuel is violently deposited onto a running or spillage fire, a situation made worse when water is involved, often resulting in catastrophic effects.  Even after loss of integrity, FIRESAFE hose will not fail catastrophically, instead it will gradually burn of the product as it presents itself to atmosphere.   In addition to testing by Dantec at our Moreton factory, the FIRESAFE hose has been independently tested by the British Government Department of the Environment, Fire Research Station and the Swedish fire service.  All Dantec hoses are available with FIRESAFE protection.